How to Accessorize for Every Occasion

Hey Everyone! Thank you for visiting Amanda- Jewelry, welcome and enjoy. The purpose of this site is to show you tips and tricks on accessorizing for any and every occasion.  If you need to get in touch with us you can do so here. Whether you are needing a day to day look, for a perfect date or a special event; here you’ll find ideas that will allow you to feel comfortable in your personal style.

The best way to use this site is to read along the different techniques and suggestions used over the years. There are classic looks that have stood the test of time and the ever changing looks that can also transition through generational gaps.

But first: Have you wondered what the most expensive jewelry in the world is? Wonder no more, check out this video:


This can make you drool, huh? Beautiful craftsmanship. (Thanks to my friends at limo rental in Mesa AZ  for sharing that video with me) This the kind of stuff royalty wears without a thought, can you imagine?  I wonder what some of this weighs? Probably more than one could imagine.

Imagine the time and skill to make these.  Some are quite old and do not habe the tools and machines we have today to help craft these.  Amazing talent was needed to turn these rocks and metals into these wonderful works of art.

Now, not all of us can accessorize with expensive works such as in the video, but we would like to accessorize in such a way that adds that little bit of bling and flair to our outfit of choice. Some thoughts to consider, as you choose your accessories:

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Quality Materials

Can a garment or clothing or shoes be of high quality if the basic materials aren’t high quality? How do you tell if the basic materials are good quality? Having a basic understanding of materials can definitely help.

They are natural materials and synthetic materials and blends of both. Some people greatly prefer natural materials such as cotton sand walls and other either plant-based materials or fur based on materials. Some people feel that the natural materials pose less of a hazard to their health. They may go as far as to prefer materials that are processed in only certain fashions kama perhaps without solvents and things of those nature.

Many of the base materials the way we are on our bodies as clothing are also part of our furniture in the way of upholstery and our flooring in the way of carpets. Area rugs can also be made of these types of materials. So in a general sense the same principle that would apply to specifying a material as high quality for clothing applies in the same way to these other applications.

The method of cleaning a carpet for instance has similarities with out of cleaning clothes. The type of cleansers, the temperatures and the duration of the cleaning cycle all have bearing. In the world of carpet cleaning there are carpet cleaners that know what they’re doing and get the job done right. We have had great success in using Similarly we had really good success in using a local cleaner for clothing that we don’t clean ourselves.

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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Congratulations! You have an appointment for your first job interview. The anticipation is rising, along with your excitement for the possibility of a brand new job. As you think about the “what if’s” of what could happen during your job interview, you think I’ve been what you should wear on the special occasion. What type of outfit would appeal to the interviewer and make you stand out as the one for the job?


Choosing an interview outfit can say a lot about your interest and the potential job. Whether it is for a waitress position or co- CEO position, your outfit should make a professional statement. Also, your outfit needs to be professional you also want to have a little bit of self-expression. This can allow the interviewer to see a little bit more of who you are. For example, all black attire doesn’t necessarily make the best statement. So in this article, I will just give a few pointers on how to make your outfit the most professional yet the most comfortable for you.


Not only what you put on needs to give a professional look but also how you arrive or what you arrive in should give the same impression. Keep in mind your interviewer or the company we’ll see what you arrive in. This is not saying to go out and purchase a new vehicle, but this is saying to make sure the car you arrive in is clean. If you need to take your car into the car wash beforehand it is best to do so. Or there are mobile detailing companies that can come to you and they usually do a much better job cleaning and polishing your car than the drive though car washes do.


  • The ensemble: There are many variations of professionalism with regards to what to wear. You can also include in your ensemble how you arrive to your interview. First what you wear should present a clean, crisp look that displays a leader for the position. You also want to display your willingness to grow with the company.  The best choice would be a suit, dress suit for women or a pants suit for a man. It has been studied that for women wearing a skirt is more appealing to a professional company then pants. This is not meaning to be taken in the wrong context. But a skirt gives that feminine power outlook over wearing pants, which could be taken more casual. A suit for a man is taken to be a person who is serious career oriented as opposed to wearing a sports coat and slacks. If you don’t own a suit, then match your sports jacket to your pants as best as possible, to make both items look more unified. This can be applied as well to a woman if you do not own a dress suit. Included in this part of your ensemble should be time in a blouse or a shirt with a collar. A collar gives a classic finished look, whether it is a pinstripe or a solid print. Also for women, he want to accessorize was jewelry that is classic yes stands out. There are many stores you can find costume type jewelry that gives that professional yet high-end look. You don’t need to spend a lot of money finding these accessories for putting together this professional look, but you do want to put some effort and to your presentation.

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It’s All About the Shoes

As Amanda meandered through the shoe aisle of her absolute favorite department store, she pondered and thought about each pair of foot goodies would light her fancy.  She knew she needed a pair of shoes for the best date of her life; well the only real date she’s had in the last 2 years; okay 3 years.  These shoes needed to be not to tall, yet not to short.  They need a bit of fancy, yet not over the top.  These shoes needed to be just right for this hoped to be perfect date.

Voila!  Look and behold Amanda came across them.  Their shape, height and  color were what she knew she had been envisioning.  Yes, these were the pair, the perfect date shoe.  Read More

Dressing for your Body Shape

This is a needed blog post, so that those of you that read this can find inspiration in your style and body shape. The style world is on the go constantly, changing with every season. Staying up to date can be the enjoyment, if we have a healthy view of our particular body type. Feeling comfortable in our shape, will allow each of us to embrace ourselves and enjoy dressing up on a daily basis.
So understand how you dress yourselves should not be about the weight on the scale, or the supermodel on the cover. It should be what you feel feels comfortable on your body and shows off the whole person you are within. So in this blog, I will give some realistic tips to use with each body style.

Apple Shape:

Definition: A fuller chest , wider ribcage , wider shoulders and smaller hips limbs. Why it’s called an apple shape.

Having an apple shape is not a con to your physical feature. There are plusses that are recognized, yet do not need to be over accentuated. Apple shapes do well in clothing that highlight areas of their body in a classic and elegant way.

Dressing Do’s and Don’ts for Apple Shapes:


• Patterns and Color: Keep patterns and color light and towards the bottom portion of the body; the more neutral darker colors keep towards the top. This allows you feature areas that are usually less defined and give the appearance of toning down the areas that are more profound.

• Garment Waist Line: Keep an eye on the type of waist line that you choose. You want toRead More

I have many Accessories and they have no where to go: Organizing your Accessories

So as I thought about what to write for my next blog post, I decided to go the route of thinking of what bugs me the most and where I feel the most accomplished; what drives me.  I then came up with what I absolutely love doing, and never have time to do: Organizing.

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2015 Summer Style

Summer is upon us and the heat has shown its face. Dressing for style and comfort can be a challenge, if you’re not prepared for it. Since it is July, summer is about half way over.  But it’s not too late to add some updated fashion to your summer wardrobe.  Here are some quick fix styles tips that you can use for the rest of summer:

  • Color Trends:  Keeping up to date with the color trends for the seasons is always a good thing to do.  This allows you to keep track of the colors that stay throughout time and the colors and prints that make the rounds throughout the years.  Here are the popular colors for this year’s Summer:

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